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Destinations International Annual Convention


One Convention. One Stage. One Screen. But five general sessions? Here’s how we made each session a destination rather than an obligation.

An Emotional Performance

Opening with moody, amber lighting, a kinetic dance troupe came to life in front of the 75-foot screen covered in a modern art piece of Montreal. Branding the room with the location and letting the audience know, this wasn’t going to be any ordinary convention!

Aerialists. Need we say more?

After the first full day of programming, it was time to wake everyone back up!  Suspended from the ceiling and draped in front of a 3-D Swirl background, four aerialists on three silks (figure that one out!) twirled and flipped and dropped to the beat of a global mix of popular music.  Ready to get the show started, we transitioned into an opening bumper pumped full of music to continue into the energy of the show. 

Passionate Neo Soul!

Gifted with a soulful jazz singer for an early morning show, we left the audience on the edge of their seats wanting more!   As her soulful voice echoed through the general session room, the screen filled with a contrasting, moving background and she was surrounded by a fading spotlight  and accent lights transforming the room into a dramatic deep red Speak-easy. 

Droppin’ Like It’s Hot.

A DJ spinning crowd favorites, a happy hour open bar, and moving lights. ‘Nuff said.

Keep them talking!

Finishing up bright and early, we wanted to leave the audience inspired for the future.  Filling the screen with the colored windows of the Palais des Congres as a backdrop, a local childrens choir (record scratch sound effect)…okay, a local adult choir (that’s a story for another day!) performed uplifting hits from across the decades.  Ending in a similar fashion, we promoted to next year’s show by enrobing our audience with sunshine, palm trees and a little bit of “California Love”. 

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