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Destination Marketing Association International


LAI Live – We’re with the Band! Hiring entertainment and don’t even know where to start with the technical rider requirements?  The LAI Live events team can handle the minutia and ensure you’ve delivered on your entertainer's contract.

Starting at Square One

LAI Live took over DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC for a Foundation Awards Gala that was capped off with a live concert by Top 40 artists, The Fray. We started at square one - combing through pages and pages of the tour rider and determining how best to downsize lighting and sound for our venue and audience size.  We worked closely with the venue to determine what existing structures and equipment (drape, truss, screens) could be sourced for the performance, and utilized one of our main AV providers for the remaining, band-preferred equipment.  Of course none of this could be built without the local union labor needed for load-in, rigging and show operation so, yeah, we took care of that too!  We worked closely with the band’s manager to arrange production timelines, sound checks, greenroom needs and more - just a few more things our clients needn’t worry about! 

Kicking into Gear

While planning is key, the magic is in the seamless execution of the overall event.  LAI Live’s producers kicked into full gear ensuring trucks were in the correct docks, the labor was on-time,  the greenroom groceries were delivered, the bands equipment didn’t block the view from VIP seats and most importantly, the equipment was tested and sounding how a rock band’s audio should sound.  Designing the program to transition quickly from the opening DJ, to the awards gala, directly into the band’s performance with no down time was the largest piece needed to secure success – working closely with the band’s tech leads, we rehearsed the switching of cables, consoles and operators in under a minute…in darkness…to create an ‘awe’ moment for the audience.  Rock on!

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Helena Lehman is responsible for building the company’s business in content marketing strategy among its clientele.

With more than 15 years experience as an event producer, Shannon has produced everything from multi-million dollar, nationally-televised events to a nationwide…

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