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Behind the Design: A Wider Circle Community Ball

A Wider Circle

LAI Live partnered with A Wider Circle over the course of six months to design and produce its 2021 "Grow" Community Ball. The end result was a hybrid show that featured uplifting, street art-inspired visuals that paid homage to the organization's DC-area roots while recognizing the volunteers, donors, staff, and contributors who make A Wider Circle's mission possible. 

A Fitting Theme

From the inception to the ultimate live show, the LAI team was involved in every fabric encompassing A Wider Circle’s Community Ball. Starting six months prior to the event, we led a creative event design workshop to develop a thematic concept and a plan for incorporating it into the program. The decided outcome was to create a feeling of warmth, togetherness, and growth by featuring special moments throughout the program that highlighted the importance of the organization and the team of volunteers, donors, staff, and other contributors it takes to make a difference in the community. 

Visuals That Speak to the Viewer

The creative direction of the event's visuals were inspired by the urban setting in which A Wider Circle operates. They were designed to inspire and uplift, while remaining connected to the mission and day-to-day work of the organization. Street art and murals in the DC area are common, so it was naturally fitting to communicate donation and speaker information in that visual language throughout the show. The graphic artwork was a welcome surprise for annual donors and attendees, and it breathed even more energy into the excitement of the hybrid viewing experience for participants.

The Power of Video

The LAI Video team joined this hybrid production to produce over a half-dozen segments that anchored the show with some of the most heart-warming and memorable moments. These pre-made segments included: 

  • A powerful opening video that overviewed the non-profit's work and the night’s theme: “Grow”
  • Emotional tributes to the VolunteersStaff, and Donors filmed on location at various AWC facilities
  • And recognitions for the construction companies behind AWC’s latest renovations

Two Locations, One Community Ball!

Show time! Going live from two locations we took over the LAI Studios and A Wider Circle’s headquarters. The main program streamed live from the LAI studio and featured the event emcee, musical performances, and featured speakers. The studio was dressed with a custom-designed scenic wall tying back to the creative look and featured a vertical monitor that played into the content throughout the show, most notably with call-to-action graphics and two-way interviews between the emcee and guests at our second location. The second location hosted a watch party for about 100 guests and was the satellite location for live show interviews, red carpet footage, and so much more. Guests were able to view the program throughout the space and donate from their mobile devices or via donation stations. The entire program was streamed to a virtual audience through a platform built and designed by the LAI team.