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Behind the Creative: Northpond Ventures Leadership Keynote

Northpond Ventures

In their mission to support the creation of technologies for a better world, Northpond Ventures reached out to our LAI Live team to collaborate on visually branding their Leadership Keynote event in a way that would inspire their audience and capture the nature of their work and partner companies. 

An All-Encompassing Visual Theme

The thematic content throughout the show centered around making connections — promoting partnerships, growing relationships with team members as leaders, and imaginative innovation. 

Since many Northpond Ventures partner companies work in the biotechnologies, diagnostics, emerging technologies, and life science fields, we designed a visual branding concept that illustrated the core idea of connection through the biologically oriented visual language of a neural network and large amounts of minimal space to communicate the idea of creative possibilities.

The Message Behind the Graphics

The neurons are shown to be made up of thousands of small atoms, designed to communicate that Northpond Ventures' companies and that the nature of their connections is made up of thousands of people coming together in cooperation to innovate and create new possibilities. 

Adapting the Theme for Different Channels

This visual creative was deployed via an immersive virtual platform where attendees could view the streamed content, live broadcast graphics, and an email campaign that drove the event's content messaging home in a memorable way.