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Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses


AWHONN has a legacy of hosting incredibly successful events, and wanted to continue that tradition at the AWHONN Annual Convention. A central challenge for this event was to present the convention with what the AWHONN brand stands for, instead of a more abstract conference brand. AWHONN was also looking to have their scripting, show flow, and AV logistics handled by a capable company who could put all of the pieces of the show together and have it run perfectly.

The Challenge

This year, AWHONN sought to determine how to bring the show to the next level through stunning visuals and graphics. LAI LIVE proposed to use graphics to create greater attendee enthusiasm, showcase the association, welcome the increasing international attendee base, and deliver a clear brand message.

The Solution

The LAI LIVE Production Team was brought in to work with the association’s leadership and determine how to bring the show to the next level, showcase the association, and welcome the increasing membership attendee base with greater enthusiasm. With the correct combination of planning, graphic design and development, and execution, LAI LIVE was able to help the AWHONN Annual Convention reach its full potential. The LAI LIVE Team was able to bring event production expertise and maximized the effectiveness and success of the event. By utilizing an LAI LIVE producer, AWHONN was able to create energy and fun by uniting the AWHONN team, incorporate exciting video and graphics that added new dimensions to the event, and deliver a cohesive, packaged “story” by incorporating more dynamic keynotes, graphics, and music.

The Results

The outcomes of our work with AWHONN included smooth and sophisticated transitions between program elements by incorporating cohesive branding and messaging from AWHONN and flawless execution of all aspects of production before and during the show. Additionally, an emotional environment created by the integration of the visual and educational components of the general session experience. Using LAI Video meant AWHONN had exciting video and graphics to make the event more visually captivating and production could provide well-crafted scripts, sponsor loops, production schedules, and management with AV.

Managed and Designed By

Helena Lehman is responsible for building the company’s business in content marketing strategy among its clientele.

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