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American Roll-On, Roll-Off Carrier Company


Knowing just how versatile our team can be, The American Roll-On, Roll-Off Carrier company or ARC, chose Leading Authorities’ “Live” team to help them christen a ship with an event that would be as big as their new boat. This was a very unique event compared to the LAI LIVE team’s past portfolio but they were ready to take on the challenge.

The Challenge

LAI LIVE faced a short timeframe – five weeks, a limited budget, and a difficult space to work in. They were in charge of coordinating and staffing a full service event with the exception of catering. LAI LIVE had to find a way to christen a ship that stood thirteen stories tall with weather concerns that made hosting the ceremony outdoors impossible. The team also had to navigate their way around unusual rules and regulations for the load-in schedule including K-9 security checks and not being allowed off site once they were approved, even for lunch breaks.

The Solution

Due to our industry connections, LAI LIVE was able to source high performing vendors for AV, extra staffing, flags, golf carts, tables/linens, drapes, flowers, and more all in time for the event! By running multiple rehearsals ahead of time, LAI LIVE was able to guarantee a team comradery among the vendors, transforming a typical Maryland cruise ship terminal into a fun and exciting venue with a large stage, exhilarating lights, and great music to keep the energy high.

In order to scale down a massive cargo ship to fit inside the venue’s room, LAI LIVE constructed a large fabric ship that emerged out of the set, through the middle of the stage to wrap up the program, sound effects, fog, and all. This surprising element had given ARC a dynamic way to christen their new ship for all to see.

LAI LIVE helped to arrange ground transportation of guests at the terminal to take them to the ship and also created helpful and easy-to-read signage that directed attendees exactly where they needed to go. It was a successful event that helped welcome the “Patriot” to the ARC fleet.


Managed and Designed By

With more than 15 years experience as an event producer, Shannon has produced everything from multi-million dollar, nationally-televised events to a nationwide…