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What Does Hybrid Stand For? Navigating the World of Hybrid Events


Everyone is excited to be able to meet in person again, and groups are even more excited about the possibilities for combining the best of virtual events with their in-person events. We expect this hybrid event trend to continue to rise, even now that the in-person meetings we know and love are returning. Learn how to go hybrid with your event.

The Hybrid Event Broken Down

Hybrid’s popularity can be attributed to many things. First, is the increased reach the virtual component offers. Event attendance is no longer limited to how many people you can fit into a venue; you can pack the house and host attendees from all over the world thanks to technology. Higher attendance is always a good thing!

The ability to add a virtual component adds a greater level of convenience for your audience. They don’t have to travel and can even register at the last minute. Your company will enjoy plenty of conveniences as well. For example, you can save on venue costs and expand the possibilities for speakers by leveraging a big name virtually who would not have been able to attend in person. When you take the benefits of virtual events and blend them with in-person events, it’s easy to understand why groups want to know more about hybrid meetings.

Like the in-person and virtual events that it is spun-off from, the hybrid model has its own intricacies and complexities that must be addressed when planning. For example, now that you’ve decided to host a hybrid event, which hybrid format will help your audience get the most out of their experience? How will you create content that engages both the in-person and virtual audiences?

Take a look at the most recent installment of our Plan V series breaking down what the hybrid event model looks like, Plan V - The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home, and check out the event recap video below.

What Does Hybrid Stand For?

As you look to navigate this increasingly hybrid world, here’s an acronym created by the LAI Live team to help guide you as you think through the elements of how to design great hybrid events that will leave a lasting impact on attendees:

H-Hosted: Hybrid events have two different audiences who may not be able to see each other and have limited ability to interact. Both audiences need a host to keep them engaged, keep the schedule running smoothly, and to facilitate the overlap.

Y-You: Remember, if you are an attendee, it should be about YOU. Wherever you are, the experience should be engineered for each individual’s engagement.

B-Balanced: When done right, hybrid events create a balance of elements that cater to both the in-person and digital audiences. If your event’s audience focus is unbalanced, it runs the risk of becoming irrelevant to the audience segment being overlooked.

R-Responsibility: Success is incumbent on the engagement of every participant. Set expectations for everyone’s responsibilities – sponsors, hosts, speakers, and yes – attendees. Giving everyone context and guidelines for how to interact is a vital element for getting the ball rolling on your hybrid event.

I-Integrated: Integration is the “wow” factor. Insights and connections equal value for your participants.

D-Deliberate: For best results, follow a defined design process and make deliberate decisions about each element for your event.

Watch the video below to learn more: 


Start Planning Your Hybrid Event

Hybrid is likely the favored method moving forward as groups look to maximize the reach and potential of their events. The LAI Live team has produced countless hybrid events for clients and is here to help you add that same expert touch to your hybrid events. Looking to learn more about the most popular hybrid event formats? Click here. Get in touch with us by:

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