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Using Virtual Platforms for Year-Round Communications

AI generated picture of a virtual event

With many organizations returning to in-person events, virtual event platforms are being viewed as a thing of the past. But they don’t have to be! As teams are working remotely, providing a place for them to come together in one location is key. For clients, investors, members, or employees, a virtual platform can be the central hub for up-to-date and relevant information/materials. Creating your own virtual platform environment allows you to control and share the information in a structured way while tracking who is engaging with content.

Here are a few ways in which you can structure these platforms:


Host a town hall where members can come together to hear updates from top leadership on new policies, products, business practices, etc. These sessions should be interactive and provide an opportunity for individuals to interact with leadership.


Create training videos or have live learning sessions for employees to learn from industry experts about key skills, products, or systems. Once the training sessions are complete, create a video library where new and legacy employees can access the necessary tools to excel in their position.


Create a library of materials for individuals to download and view. These materials can be monthly reports, product catalogs, on-demand recordings of live sessions, or any other resources that are useful.


Engage with clients or members by providing a one-on-one session where they can ask questions about a specific product or program. Schedule topical discussion groups to bring like-minded individuals together. Set-up brainstorming groups to encourage virtual team members to work together to find solutions and create new ideas!


Host virtual networking sessions that allow colleagues or members to socialize. Virtual platforms have a variety of engagement and gamification tools that can be used to create a fun environment for everyone.

Let us transform your event to connect with clients, investors, members, or employees in a central hub with up-to-date and relevant information. Contact us to get started.

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