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Using Consultation to Elevate Your Event

Shannon Semler in a red shirt showing a potential event design at a consultation

Feeling like your event needs a refresh or wish you had a helping hand in planning? Having a consultative partner to bounce ideas off of, provide a second set of eyes on the details, or to help guide event-related choices could be all it takes to provide a new, engaging attendee experience. LAI Live partners with clients in a variety of ways to provide consultation from pre-planning to post-event. Our Live Event Producers are entrenched in event logistics and design every day and have exposure to all different industries, audience demographics, and event styles. Add that to our expertise in the behind-the-scenes workings for events and we have a 360-degree view of what works and what may not be as successful.


This is one way we immerse ourselves in an event, participate in sessions and rehearsals, and provide

feedback on the areas affecting the attendees. Helena Lehman, LAI’s Senior Vice President of Client Services, says “When experiencing a show first-hand with no pre-conceptions, we’re able to provide a big picture review and walk it through the eyes of a first timer. Often what we find is that there can be a disconnect between the general session, education sessions, and trade show experience. We always want to look at all parts of the same event story, and how they can build off one another.”


Make sure you have someone available when you need them—whether throughout the year or for a specific task. “One of our clients was utilizing in-house AV so LAI Live Producer, Elizabeth Macy, provided recommendations and guidance that ensured all agreed upon contract terms included what best reflected the AV equipment and labor needs for their planned production. Her expertise saved the client time and more importantly, money, as they finalized their negotiations and we got to work Producing and designing their event” stated LAI Live Event Consultant, Megan Davison.

As part of our production services, our Producers are able to make recommendations for logistics or introduce creative ideas for programming, but it doesn’t stop there! “When we have clients on continuing or multi-year contracts, they know they can pick up the phone and ask us anything.

Some of our clients want to get thoughts on layout or possible difficulties we could face if it’s a unique venue space before it’s booked. We’re also talking a lot about spaces booked pre-pandemic with one event in mind, and how best to accommodate new plans due to changing needs” states Shannon Semler, Senior Vice President for LAI Live.


These are a quick, non-committal way to tap into LAI’s creative minds. Typically held over a group lunch, clients and LAI team members brainstorm around any event-related topic and generate a list of ideas to keep handy for your next event. Past topics have included increasing audience interaction in workshops, incorporating an event theme through engagements, and getting creative with awards shows, but the possibilities are endless.


A client favorite! Our facilitated workshops offer a chance for all key event stakeholders to work together to define goals, expectations, and key areas of focus for your event. Through a series of collaborative conversations, we’ll identify ways to meet objectives and identify measurements for success tailored to the individual needs of your organization. This may encompass planning strategy, program development, attendee engagement, or theme and branding. LAI Live Executive producer, Katie Nesbit-Blackburn

says “Utilizing the event design workshop, we were able to help reshape one of our client’s events which included conference-specific logo development, reworking the agenda, and reimagining programming. It received such positive feedback the first time, that they’ve continued to use the workshop annually for six consecutive years.”


This element is often incorporated into our event design workshops when discussing theme but is also provided as part of our live event design services for show graphics and overall event branding. Throughout the creative design process, we consult with our clients on high-level key messaging goals and create visual styles that capture the event audience. We take the event’s on-brand style and partner with the client to create compelling visual content throughout each unique session, whether an awards show, gala, or keynote session” notes LAI Live’s Creative Director, Benjamin McGeever.


These can be a daunting task. Check out our blog about 6 RFP Must-Haves to get you started. LAI’s team of professionals is also able to construct an RFP on your behalf if you’re putting together an inaugural event, changing up an existing event, or aren’t receiving the desired responses from your current forms. We can help determine the scope of support needed, make suggestions for providing relevant information to bidders, and create a list of items needed from respondents.

Ready to take your event to the next level? Contact LAI Live today to learn more about our consultation services and how we can help elevate your event to new heights. Let's make your next event a success together, contact us to get started.

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