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Top Event Tech for Attendee Engagement

Event Tech Attendee Engagement

With advancements in AI being a hot topic of conversation, more organizations are looking for ways to bring new and fun technology to their conferences. Events are becoming less about traditional swag or networking and more about a unique experience. With that comes several challenges. What can you do that isn’t seen everywhere else? It’s expensive – how do you cover costs? How do you get attendees to engage with these experiences? Is it even worth it?  

The short answer is yes, it’s worth it, and it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. One key thing to keep in mind is you don’t necessarily need to focus an the large ‘wow’ factor everyone thinks of. You want to find something that can be easily accessible throughout your event space. And even more importantly, you want to find something with plenty of visibility that sponsors can be excited about. Here are the three areas we’ve seen event technology provide unique engagement experiences for our audiences: 


  • Sketchbots are not only a fun and creative experience for anyone attending your event, but they’re also the perfect sponsorship opportunity. Placing the Sketchbot in a high-traffic area ensure attendees will pass through this activation where they can quickly stop to have their photo taken and witness the bots sketch it out on souvenir paper with the event theme or a sponsor logo. 

  • Roaming Selfie Robots are a fully mobile experiential opportunity that can be accessible at any part of your conference. Each can be programmed to have personality while displaying promotional material, logos, taglines and more. With a built-in high-resolution camera, guests to take a selfie and immediately share the image via email or post them straight on social media. 


  • LED dance floors are visually stunning with mesmerizing designs. These versatile tiles can be arranged to create a runway, custom area or dance floor, lighting up the room. Depending on the type of tile you can customize the content to create a dynamic experience. 

  • Interactive projection technology allows for a fully interactive virtual experience on walls or other solid surfaces. One option includes custom animation, with attendees interacting as they move their hands along the image. Each movement can result in a different digital reaction, creating a unique experience for each guest. 

  • Projected games can be shown on most floors, programmed to display interactive logos or pictures, as well as sporting games such as football, hockey and soccer. The floor can be customized to fit your brand, sponsors, or event theme. 


An interactive virtual booth is a fun way to surprise your attendees. After opening the booth door, an 

LED wall displays another person live at a remote location. Attendees would be handed a microphone to 

communicate directly with whoever is on the other end. The booth can be custom branded, making for a great sponsorship opportunity. While all of these experiences are highly sought after sponsorship opportunities, technology doesn’t have to be all glitz and glam. Something as simple as an oversized Lite Brite adds a fun, budget friendly group engagement and branding opportunity. It can be hard to know where to start, but we work with our clients to determine what’s right for the attendees, what sponsors are looking for, and what creates a unique, memorable experience. 

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