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Top 3 Unique Venue Ideas for Your Next Event

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Choosing a venue is a fundamental step in the creation of an event. However, it can be tricky to find a location that fits your event’s vision. This is what leads most companies to opt for an easy and well-known option: the hotel ballroom. This classic has been revisited in many ways and will forever have its charm. Nonetheless, there are many unique venues out there waiting to be discovered!

Below, we've highlighted our top three unique venue ideas for groups to consider for their upcoming events:


Museums are a perfect example of an unconventional event location. Museums are usually eager to host events because they can help strengthen their cultural status and generate future income. For the company hosting the event, the location can provide that extra “pull” which can generate higher attendance. Moreover, museums come with the advantage of covering a wide range of topics which can be chosen based on the audience. Younger attendees, for example, may find The Spy Museum in Washington, DC exceptionally interesting whereas an art museum like The MET in New York City may be more appealing to an older audience. Museums have large spaces that can be decorated according to the event and come with a “built-in” entertainment value with educational tours and programming offered to attendees.

The Met

Historical Estates

Another example of an alternative event location is the historical estate. These vary in shape and size and can be found scattered all around the country. According to your guests’ preferences, you can choose between the sea or the mountains for your location, from Gothic to Romanesque for your style and from 200 to 2,000 people for your capacity. For example, The Biltmore house in North Carolina, a Châteauesque estate located near the Blue Ridge Mountains, can hold up to 400 people. Another example can be The Vizcaya Museum in Florida, a Mediterranean style house which can be found by the water and can hold up to 2,000 attendees. Moreover, a big advantage of hosting an event in a historical house is the possibility of having an on-site, fully equipped kitchen that can be perfect for catering, as well as indoor/outdoor options.



A third category of unique venues is theatres. They are usually located within cities and are easy to access. As a venue, they provide an auditorium which can be decorated to suit the event’s style with marquees and theater posters. Many theatres also include a lobby, some lounges and mixed-use spaces. A perfect example of an event-hosting theatre on the East Coast is The Altria Theatre in Richmond, Virginia, which can seat up to 3,600 attendees. On the West Coast, The Warfield Theatre, in San Francisco is a stylish example of a mid-range capacity theatre with 1,734 seats. Moreover, hosting an event in a theatre often holds the advantage of having AV and technicians. All you’ll need is your LAI Live Producer to bring your program to life!

Altria Theater

Looking for Unique Venue Ideas? LAI Live Can Help 

If you're looking for out-of-the-box venues that will make your event memorable, or have any other event needs, our LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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