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Tips for Saving Space with Creative Scenic

ground supported LED - scenic

With rising venue costs, even after signing contracts, a lot of organizations are reexamining their approaches when it comes to putting on live events. There's no denying many are having to scale back on internet, meeting space, audiovisual, and labor in order to accommodate a budget that was determined before the current climate.

Many groups have determined that the best approach is scaling back the general session space in order to split the ballroom, allowing for additional breakout spaces. In doing so, scenic and audiovisual elements are typically the first items to be cut back. In theory it makes sense a reduction of scenic elements means there will be more resources to work with in a scaled-back space. However, doing so will likely reduce the production value attendees are so used to experiencing. 

Scenic Ideas for All Meeting Spaces

So, how do you provide the same experience while taking up less space? Focus on the footprint of the stage. You don't need to have a massive stage in order create that "wow" effect when people walk in the room. Does that mean more rigging, which, in turn, means more cost? Not necessarily. There are a lot of options for creating unique staging. LED panels are small and modular, meaning they can be assembled in a variety of shapes, including angles and circles, not just walls and columns. They can also support crisp custom graphics that change session-to-session, videos, and presentations.

ground supported LED

Another option is ground supported screens — best used with a stage that is more wide than it is deep. This allows space behind the stage to rear project from ground supported scaffolding, cutting out some rigging costs. LAI Live has taken this approach for audiences of up to 1,000 people. Another option is to make a shorter stage —one that is just wide enough for your largest panel  and place satellite stages within the room where you wouldn't normally want to place tables. Not only does this significantly reduce the overall footprint, but it can also create a more inclusive feel with your audience. 

ground supported screens

There are many additional ways to save space without sacrificing your production quality and the messaging people attend general sessions to see and hear. LAI Live strives to work with organizations to create an impactful event, whether in or outside the general session space, no matter the challenges or limitations.

Looking for Ways to Enhance Your Event's Scenic Experience? LAI Live Can Help 

If you're looking for unique ideas for creating a scenic experience that matches your budget, or if you have any other event needs, our LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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