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Staying Connected with your Coworkers Remotely


It is a known fact that we spend the majority of our day with our coworkers, so it only seem natural that we are looking for ways to connect with them in this new virtual world.  With our work families being separated here are a few fun activities to foster and maintain team relationships!  


Weekly Virtual Team Meeting Activities

Weekly Virtual Team Meeting Activities

Open Mic

During your weekly team take time to showcase your team member’s hidden talents. Every team member is given 1 or 2 minutes to take the stage at the start of the meeting. Co-workers can sing a song, read a poem, perform a monologue. Let your artistic/creative side shine!

Dance Off

Everyone needs a break from sitting at their desk  - Start your team meeting with a little dance party. Team members can create playlist on their preferred music platform (Spotify, amazon music, etc.) and broadcast it at the start of the meeting . Always fun to see your colleagues dance moves – if you are feeling competitive, challenge your colleague to a dance off.  

Pictionary via Zoom

Who doesn’t love the game of Pictionary! Test your drawing skills utilizing Zoom’s white board feature. Users can take turns sharing their screens and using the annotation tools. You can either use the actual game for the clues or develop your own.  Be sure to put someone in charge of keeping the time.

Off the Clock Activities

Off the Clock Activities

Virtual Happy Hour

Every good party starts with a theme – Set up a virtual happy hour include the essentials – theme (Costumes/Attire Suggested), drink/food suggestions, play list, virtual background options. Take time to relax with co-workers and enjoy a refreshing beverage.  Have prizes for best costumes.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a virtual scavenger hunt. Scavify is good app to use.

If you don’t go the App route, create your own list of items that might be available in your team members homes. Who can be the first to find dental floss?

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Fitness Challenge

We all can use a little motivation to stay active. Set up a company wide or department challenge – How many steps or miles can you walk/run in a week? You can award a prize – like a gift card to a local coffee shop or food delivery service.

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