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Planning An Event In Los Angeles? Read This First!


Heading to sunny California for your next meeting or convention?  Our team has worked in many cities throughout the country each with their own distinct personality. Here we tackle how to get the most out of your host city, sunny Los Angeles, CA. With so many distractions outside, why not bring the outdoors to your attendees so they don’t feel like they’re missing out! 

Cowabunga, Let's Get Going!

Start your event with a Hollywood inspired celebration. As attendees arrive to rotating spotlights, they make their way down a red carpet and pass by celebrity imposters, all the while posing for photos by your event paparazzi. Kick off with champagne and hors d’oeuvresto give attendees a little taste of the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous.  

Red Carpet Attendees

For the main corridor, design your own Walk of Fame by showing some love for your sponsors with vinyl cling stars and logos. Take attendees to the beach with surfboard signage, lounges with beach chairs, umbrellas, a professionally-built sand sculpture and video wall looping surf and sand footage. 

Walk of Fame

Theme each day of your general session after a movie genre and create an on-stage dialogue related to action and adventure in your industry, Sci-fi and artificial intelligence (AI) changes for the innovative approach, or light-hearted comedy as a way to integrate with the next generation and millennials. Kick things up a notch by displaying movie-inspired posters of your Board Members around your general session space, utilize a professional voice-over artist to record VO’s in the style of movie trailers, and curate a soundtrack that ties into each genre.  

Have some fun at your receptions with an industry-related Hollywood Squares and source LA’s world-famous food trucks to create a Santa Monica Pier themed-dining experience during receptions. Don’t forget about the exhibitors! Design the hall to be like mini press junkets complete with directors chairs and an interviewer or construct a faux boardwalk with exhibitors highlighted in store-fronts and kiosks along the way.

Hollywood Squares

LA isn’t the only town filled with inspiration for events. Let LAI Live help you engage with the attendees and your surroundings at your next event, regardless of the city your event will be taking place in.


Helpful? We'd love to know what you think of these tips. Are these tips helpful for your team to keep in mind for your event? Did we miss anything that you've found success with? Let us know your thoughts.

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