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New Ideas For Big-Impact Stages


Have you given much thought to the staging at your next event? We know that for many of our clients, coming up with a stage set-up that’s new, unique, and within budget can be tricky. 

Whether you’re looking to create large screens with custom-designed graphics and video mapping for your 5,000+ convention, or a simpler, custom set for executive summits, LAI Live can help.
Our talented team of indsutry veterans can brainstorm creative stage and seating layouts to maximize space, help you develop graphics and videos that pop, work to incorporate your theme throughout the space and day, and much more. 

Want to see what we can do for you? We've assembled a few of the most exciting and innovative stage designs with complimentary graphics that we’ve recently created for our clients to give you a preview of our work and show you how we can transform a small venue into a super impactful and engaging stage through the use of unique stage designs and stage graphics. 

A Few Examples of LAI Live's Stage Designs & Graphics:

Check out a few of the most recent and most stage designs with complimentary graphics we’ve created for recent clients:

LAI Live Superhero Stage Graphics

LAI Live Superhero Power Graphic

During rehearsal for one of our recent live events, the LAI Live team tested out the screens with our own LAI Live-branded superhero graphics and recieved a ton of great feedback!


CEO Update's 2018 Association Leadership Awards Stage Design and Graphics

CEO Update's 2018 Association Leadership Awards Stage Design and Graphics

In September 2018, LAI Live created this ~groovy~ "Mad Men" themed event for CEO Update's Association Leadership Awards. 


Our 2018 Inspire: A Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas Stage Design and Graphics

Inspire 2018

We got inspired by Leading Authorities, Inc.'s inaugural Inspire: A Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas event in Februrary 2018, where we had two out boards and created a wide stage experience for the audience.


Want More Event Graphics?

To see even more of LAI Live's stage scenic graphics and design graphics, check out LAI Live's Gallery Page for a visually-rewarding round-up of our favorite stage scenics and design graphics from some of our most recent and exciting client meetings, award ceremonies, and live events that we managed and produced.

Are you starting to think about, prepare, and plan for your 2019 events and shows? You may already have a dedicated A/V company or a few A/V vendors that you regualrly work with to produce your events  you experience an event snafu or nightmare scenario due to your current or past A/V vendor that you don't want to repeat next year? Are you looking for a live event management firm to help ensure that your next event is a successful affair for not only your board, event stakeholders, or senior leaders, but also, and more importantly, for your attendees? The LAI Live team can help!

So, if you want to learn more about the possibilities and plentiful benefits of partnering with an award-winning full event production services team like LAI Live you’re ready to work with a full event production services team like LAI Live to enhance your next event or meeting, contact our team today!

To get in touch with us, you can also fill out the form below, send us an email, call us at 202-783-0300, or live chat with a member of the team online right now. 

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