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Looking for AV Solutions? Here's How LAI Live Can Help

Audiovisual blog

Deciding how to choose a scenic and audiovisual (AV) company at the right price can be challenging. Do you go with your décor company who recently added optional AV services? Or do you consider in-house AV, knowing they utilize older equipment with some limitations but offer deep discounts? Maybe you consider an 'AV broker' to help source a small, local AV-only company or just play it safe and use a preferred team that has been with your company for years?

One of the most important things to consider when making these decisions is having a production team that will be there to support you from beginning to end, with your best interests at heart. While LAI Live provides full services, including audiovisual and scenic, we understand there are times when you just have to use in-house or other local companies. When we work with our clients as producers, we’re there to support not just your programming, but your overarching event. In doing so, we can aid in determining AV and production solutions that best meet the needs of your event. 

Audiovisual Partner Options

Below, we've highlighted four of the most common types of audiovisual companies you can partner with, and broken down reasons why they may or may not be a fit for your event. 

  • Décor Companies: Several décor companies have recently purchased smaller AV organizations in order to provide audiovisual services in a bundled package. This may seem to be an enticing offer but because it's not a service they specialize in, these companies often unintentionally overlook basic details. To help mitigate these situations, LAI Live will work closely with you in the early stages of development to determine the best approach for program scheduling, create detailed labor calls to help avoid overtime labor fees, suggest and review proposed scenic, and walk you through the line items in proposals you receive.
  • In-house AV: With a deeper understanding of your event, LAI Live can provide both "must-have" and "in-an-ideal-world" equipment lists for you to take to the in-house AV team as a starting point, rather than having them provide a quote without much understanding of your needs. Once they submit a proposal, we will meet with you to review the line items of all spaces to ensure your requirements are met within budget. LAI Live will also commonly join calls and travel to site visits to ensure you're receiving the correct information and not being charged additional fees.
  • AV Brokers: There are some companies who sell themselves as "brokers," with their sole business model being to help you find the right audiovisual services. However, because these groups aren't part of the programming development process, they don’t fully understand your event to the extent that producers do. In these circumstances, LAI Live can step in to guide conversations between all parties, make recommendations on appropriate equipment or supporting scenic, and work hand-in-hand with all teams to ensure everyone is on the same page with expectations going into the event.
  • Preferred AV: If you have an AV team you've used for years but are ready to try something new, consider starting with producers that offer AV services rather than with an AV company that offers "event production." LAI Live producers are commonly brought to help shake things up, whether it's suggesting and implementing new programming ideas, leading an event design workshop to reimagine the messaging of your event, or providing a fresh approach through AV and scenic. The key is to start from the ground up, focusing on your messaging. 

Your success is our success, and we know how hard it is to manage every little detail of an event. Whether it be LAI or another production partner you have a long-time relationship with, be sure to lean heavily on those resources to help lighten your load, allowing you to focus on your attendees rather than the technical aspects that can bog you down.

LAI Live Can Help You Choose the Best Audiovisual Option

If you're looking for an audiovisual partner or have other event needs, the LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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