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The Importance of the Update Event

BTS picture of an update event

Written communication is not enough anymore; not everyone will read the email or the attachment. Individuals are more invested because the live aspect humanizes it. Whether your organization must provide Board updates, quarterly investor updates, industry news, product information, or a government affairs update, timely and frequent communication is key! 

Creating a virtual and/or hybrid series of events is a great way to connect. The event can be a 45 minute to 1 hour update, where clients/members can engage with executives and subject matter experts via live Q&A and other audience engagement tools. Here are a few examples of how LAI has helped our clients lead the way.


Within the technology/IT/cybersecurity space— things move fast. We were able to work with a client to build out virtual events with general session content that allowed their key stakeholders to talk through obstacles and observations that their clients could experience as the result of a particular situation or tech issue. By hosting frequent, one-day summits available on-demand, each event was themed with the issues that were most relevant to the audience member.


One client facilitated opportunities for partners to connect with their clients in a virtual tradeshow booth with presentations, live Q&A, and time with an expert. These events enabled conversations in a seamless format to keep both the client and sales rep active for a set number of hours on a pre-scheduled date, monthly.


Providing investors and key stakeholders with up-to-date information is vital in a fluctuating market in the financial industry. We partnered with a financial institution to produce a quarterly series of livestreamed one-hour programs, where executives presented market updates to investors. Depending on the nature of the information, these reports can be scheduled monthly or quarterly. Setting a schedule in advance provides continuity and a go-to location where stakeholders can expect to receive current and up-to-date information.

LAI Live Can Help You Plan Your Next Update Event

Working on an update event? The LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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