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How to Use Graphics to Increase Social Media Engagement

social graphics

Graphics are a powerful tool for sharing your message, so why not use them to elevate your social media presence? Using graphics, your organization can establish a "look" that will become instantly recognizable to your followers as they scroll through their newsfeeds. While you have their attention, you can promote upcoming events, share a message from the CEO, drive awareness of an initiative, provide helpful data, or simply post a fun fact.

Below, we share tips for incorporating graphics into your social media content strategy. 

Create a Template

Start by creating templates for all your social channels, as each one has its own unique specifications. Templates can include large text format, a photo format, numbers for data, event promotion details, or anything your organization will have a need to push out regularly. 

Plan Your Publishing Strategy

Next, draft a content timeline. Planning a few months out will ensure you have regularly scheduled posts to keep your followers engaged, without inundating them with too much information. A content timeline will also ensure your event promotions aren’t getting pushed aside by other daily shares.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Consider the reach. When posting on social, followers will be more apt to share to their larger audiences if your message provides value. A data point about your industry will entice followers to share the message and, in turn, open up discussion and engagement around that data.

Make Your Content Cant-Miss

When utilizing graphics and social specifically for event promotion, construct the timeline of posts to build anticipation and reel in those that haven’t yet committed. Registrants are twice as likely to share the post to non-registrants in an effort to convince others to join. Social media is a powerful tool for sharing updates throughout the event, and follow-ups afterward. Trying zeroing in on FOMO (fear of missing out) when constructing your posts to get followers who aren't attending interested in all the great content they're missing.

Graphics will reduce the use of impersonal stock imagery and reduce the need for constantly creating new content. Most importantly, using graphics increases your sharing opportunity by allowing you to always have a go-to tool with little time needed to share a message. 

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