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How to Repurpose Your Event Content to Reinvigorate Your Brand

Repurposing Content Blog Cover

Congratulations, your event was a success! We know how much time and effort went into creating an incredible experience for your community so why let your event end after the final session? Build on the energy from your meeting by leveraging your event content to reach new audiences and keep your members engaged throughout the year. Here are a few ways to flip your event into more marketing content:

  • Bulk up your marketing materials – Whether in social media posts, blogs, proposals, etc., there is always an opportunity to use photos of your team in action. Store all the photos from your event in an easily accessible folder to insert into these materials for a visual oomph. If you can build out your digital media calendar in advance and anticipate these needs, develop a shot list for your photographer to be sure you are getting all the types of photos you are looking for!
  • Short video clips for social media – We are in the age of video content (TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube). Split up the content from your sessions into bitesize pieces to share information with your community in digestible ways. Consider editing longer panels or speeches into 30-60 second clips. These can be used as recap videos for those that couldn’t attend the event, evergreen content that showcases your company’s main themes, or teasers for an upcoming session or event.
  • “About Us” Videos – Showcase your company’s mission and team through a video. Take recorded content from your sessions and edit it together with candid b-roll from your events to create a short video to publish on the “About Us” section of your website.
  • Headshots – Plan ahead and set up a headshot booth staffed by a professional photographer. This is a great idea if your organization is remote, and you don’t have an opportunity to capture consistent headshots. Likely your team is already dressed to impress for your event, and this ensures everyone has a presentable headshot across your company’s website and materials.
  • Repurpose heartfelt content for special events – Take note of company anniversaries, fundraising opportunities, and other celebrations/milestones to share particularly touching video clips, photos, or testimonies from your event. Integrate this in your holiday newsletter, Giving Tuesday campaign, or staff meetings to thank your community. Take a look at how we repurposed A Wider Circle's Community Ball to encourage their stakeholders to donate!
  • Tease next year’s event – Publish last year’s recorded show or create a highlight reel from the content captured! Post this on your registration website or send out with your Save the Date emails to encourage ticket sales.

These are just a few ideas on how to transform your event content into evergreen materials that can boost your brand and elevate your marketing. Before your next event take time to formulate a plan that fits your organization’s goals:

  1. What are key moments and messages in your event that you would want to show off? (e.g., keynotes, community engagement)
  2. What are key moments throughout the year that that you can leverage to republish event content and what platforms do you want to focus on?
  3. What types of content do you need to capture at the event to create these follow up materials? (e.g., b-roll videography, stakeholder photos, candid photos of community networking)
  4. What vendors do you need to secure to capture this content at the event and to repurpose it after? (e.g., photographer, videographer, editor)

Just a little bit of planning and creativity to repurpose your event can go a long way towards expanding your company’s reach and building your brand.

Leading Authorities works with you to produce your sessions and create content that you can be proud to show off. Between LAI Live, LAI Video and LAI Speakers, our expertise and services cover a wide range within event production. Talk with us about how we can recycle your event content.

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