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Hosting A Gala? LAI Live Can Help!


Are you hosting a gala to raise awareness or honor award winners this fall that could use a fresh look and new ideas? 

LAI Live is a full live event production and management services firm based in Washington, DC, that helps corporations, organizations, non-profits, associatoins, andothers who come to the city to host game-changing fundraisers and awards dinners that make honorees feel valued. Our team also travels to various cities across the country to help our client's produce award-winning events and meetings.

Our team focuses on developing tailored strategies that curtail attendee drop off, implement subtle but impactful changes to keep your program fresh but familiar, and help you showcase the right presenters, nominees, and supporters in a way that feels captivating and exciting. 

Want to see a few recent examples of LAI Live produced events? Check out the LAI Live projects and shows page to see photos and videos of our team in action and get ideas from some of our most cutting-edge shows.

We'd be happy to suggest ideas to take your event to the next level or answer any questions you may have. Contact our team today!

Give us a call at 202-783-0300, email us at, or live chat with a member of the team right now, if you are interested in having a conversation. 

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