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Event Trends for 2022

Event Trends for 2022

Each year, LAI Live presents the top trends taking shape in the events landscape. This year is a bit different; Events are travelling in three different directions, so our collection features a little something for everyone. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: LAI Live’s 2022 Event Trends!

1. Safety First

Many are choosing to require proof of vaccination or a negative test result prior to entering event premises. Offer self-distancing options like high top tables in the back of the room or signs for attendees to place on seats next to them requesting space. Provide test kits for your staff and crew so if there is a possible exposure, anyone can quickly access a test without needing to leave the premises to get tested.  

2. In-Studio Hybrid Hosts

Having an in-studio emcee for a program promotes the “in-person” feeling for virtual events. The studio provides a space to build out a branded set or backdrop and gives the emcee space to move around, just like on stage. This also provides a location for the event planner and producer to be together addressing any show changes or program updates.

3. Hybrid Networking

Networking has remained at the top of goals for all events. Whether speed-networking in virtual platforms or booths set-up to connect an in-person attendee with a virtual one there are still plenty of ways to accomplish connection.

4. Green Screen

Green screen has become a popular way to transport speakers into a 3D environment, keeping it exciting for viewers.  Whether focusing on a real location like a talk show setting or transporting them into space, tie the location into your theme and encourage attendees to get in on the action by sharing virtual backgrounds.

5. Innovation

Whether in-person or virtual, innovate! Host sessions in local outdoor venues for fresh air and social distancing. Introduce peer-led programming to open dialogue among attendees to discuss wins and challenges of the past year(s). Build isolation stations to provide attendees a place to step aside, remove their mask, make a phone call, or just take a breath (be sure to disinfect between each use)!

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