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Event Trend: Be A Dare Devil


Sometimes we can overthink an idea and ultimately talk ourselves out of it. Who would have thought Pet-A-Puppy areas would be popular at executive events? But someone took a risk and once word spread, puppies started popping up everywhere (with some even being adopted!).

The Road Trip

Map out a few areas of your event or meeting that you think could benefit from an element of surprise, a refresher, or the addition of something new. This could be attendee marketing, the main entryway or foyer, or the need to fill a spot in the education session schedule. 

Dream Big

Once you’ve drawn out your map, start with a list of goals for each of those areas: More fun, more though-provoking, more engagement, etc. Compile a list of ideas for each of your In-Need-of-Adventure areas, but start at the top with the craziest ideas you can think of.

Climb The Mountain

Now for the moment of truth. Trust your gut and pick a few ideas, or maybe THE idea, that speaks to you the most. What can make that idea feasible? Can you shrink the scale to fit a budget? Change part of the concept to make it logistically possible? Engage with a sponsor that has the means to help make it happen? Find an already-planned presenter that would be game for incorporating your idea?

Time To Jump!

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into conceptualizing your new idea, so now you just need to do it. Whether testing the waters with a small marketing idea or diving head-first into a new session concept for your event, list to the audience and use the results - good or bad - to alter or expand pieces and try it again. 

Take a risk—who knows what the outcome will be!

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