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Event Trend #2: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)


And the countdown continues!  Now that you’ve designed an environment that feeds into an Event Work Life Balance, it’s time to get people registered. If you build it, they will come….as long as you’re able to build excitement around your event. That brings us to #2!


Event attendance had dwindled with the slower economy. Now that it’s on the rise, we’re seeing more organizations take the FOMO approach for marketing to attendees. They want their show to stand out above all others, so if a person can only attend one show a year, it must be theirs!

Achieving FOMO
Achieving FOMO can happen before, during, and after an event so it’s not too late to make yours the ‘Must Attend’ event of the year!  Create a buzz starting with registration – offer incentives like a VIP Reception or a special Meet and Greet with a keynote speaker for early bird registrants. Design a series of social media teases like ‘Top 5 Things to See’ or ‘Most Talked About Sessions’ to build excitement beyond a keynote speaker announcement.

First Time FOMO
First time attendees are some of the most eager people you’ll encounter at an event but are often lost on where to start.  Create an Insider’s Guide or First-Timer Survival Guide available for download upon registration, helping them to plan out their event well in advance of arriving. Host a First-Timers reception for those new to the conference and create an exclusive networking environment. When the newbies pick up their badges at registration, include a pin or ribbon declaring their status, then watch them take the show by storm.

Keeping FOMO
During the event give ‘Wish You Were Here’ teasers through Facebook Live, Instagram stories, Podcasts or others to showcase what potential attendees are missing. Share content from General Session, Exhibit Floor, or share one-on-one interviews with thought leaders.

Far more FOMO
Post Event, be sure to share a highlights reel and recap photos that capture the energy of the event and attendees. Through more follow-ups like ‘Little Known Facts About…’ or ‘What We Learned This Year’, keep the interaction going with attendees or wannabes and get them excited for next year’s show!

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