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Event Trend #1: Event/Work Life Balance


In our busy world, we are being pulled in a million directions and it’s difficult to be both an attendee and a professional that needs to keep things running while away from the office. Organizations are recognizing the need to provide attendees with an Event/Work Life Balance.

Where Did Everyone Go?

Do you struggle getting an attendee back once they’ve gone to their room or coffee shop to work? Create a space with work stations or soundproof booths where attendees can take a call and check email without having to leave the main event space. 

Not Enough Time in the Day!
Programming overload can be challenging for an attendee. Structure sessions and breaks keeping in mind the time it takes for a professional to be able to attend to business without being disruptive to the event – i.e. leaving early because a session ran long or entering late because there wasn’t enough time to get from point A to point B AND make a call.

Reflect & Recharge
You’ve built a solid program with educational, inspirational, thought-provoking content. Now the attendee needs time to digest it. Provide a space – lounges, outside areas where they can enjoy the weather, a ‘Recap & Application’ session – for attendees to have a conversation with a colleague about what they have learned and how they can implement it into their practices. Get them talking and thinking while you still have them, otherwise it may be gone once the plane takes off!  

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