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Event Best Practices: Feeling the Music


When you start to build up the visuals for an amazing show, it’s quite easy to overlook one crucial component—The music. Leading Authorities knows that what attendees will see is a major show aspect, but what they hear is equally as important! Just like how the score of a movie can really change the mood of any scene, show music can make a real noticeable and powerful difference, too. Whether you need the perfect song cued up at exactly the right time, or are just looking for good music to enjoy at a reception, the Live team will make sure the sound matches the sights.

Custom Curated Playlists

We’ve got plenty of experience on a wide variety of shows, so we know what music works and what doesn’t. We start by taking your show’s theme and overall message, and then we break these components down to see what musical elements will sound great and what will fall flat—all while taking in you and your teams input on how you want your event to sound. From there, our team will assemble a completely custom hand–picked track list to perfectly compliment your show and give it a personality of its own.

Easy Collaboration

We’ve got the best technology to help share our creative process with you. Using digital streaming solutions like Spotify, we’re able to share playlists with anyone as they are being built, and it’s easy to add your input. When we’re on show site, we handle all audio logistics with the right people to make sure music and cues happen exactly as planned.

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