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Creating a High-Touch Experience On a Limited Budget


We are constantly being asked by clients how they can make a big impression on attendees, without spending a large chunk of the budget. Whether ideating from scratch, or reimagining an interaction seen elsewhere, LAI Live loves to jump in and brainstorm cool, cost-saving solutions. We always aim to find a fix that works for your specific event and budget, working with you from the early stages of an event until execution to stay on trend and on budget.

Here are a few ways we have helped our clients create a better attendee experience and save a little dough:

  1. Photo Booth vs. Photo Spots
  2. Video Walls vs. Digital Signage
  3. Delay Screens vs. Large Monitors
  4. Professional vs. Student

Photo Booth vs. Photo Spots

Attendee interaction is key to any event. When a client wanted to provide unique photo/selfie opportunities for their attendees without bringing in a vendor with a photo booth, we opted for Photo Spots instead. Based on the artwork we designed for the event creative, we printed vinyl clings and strategically placed them through-out the venue. Not only did it promote the client’s branding, the attendees sought out each spot and shared their stories through selfies & social media. The vinyl clings also provide versatility and durability, so they can go event to event with the client!

Video Walls vs. Digital Signage

Video walls are common at large events for a WOW factor, but they can be pricy!  Knowing the conference agenda wasn’t going to be finalized until last minute, our client needed an affordable option to communicate updates to attendees.  Since printing (and reprinting) signs is time-consuming and costly, we opted for digital signage. The client wanted to make sure it stood out in the large foyer which brought up the idea of a video wall versus using large monitors. To keep costs reduced, we chose a large 6’x10’ screen with a short-throw lens projector (to help reduce the footprint typically needed with projectors). In addition to the daily agenda, our less-expensive WOW piece also provided an opportunity to showcase conference sponsors and other important messaging.  

Delay Screens vs. Large Monitors

Sometimes the event space limits how you can lay out your event. A common occurrence for our clients is sight-line issues with pillars and columns or a larger-than-initially-anticipated attendance needing to stretch into additional space. Adding delay screens and projectors also adds costs with rigging and labor. To help remedy this concern we recommend 70”– 90” plasmas on stands placed in areas that will not affect the flow of pedestrian traffic, but still provide fantastic views of the IMAG and show content. 

Professional vs. Student 

We have worked with a plethora of professional artists to curate unique experiences for meetings – both large and small scale. During pre-production with a client, we were working on a concept that included an artist creating a live mural during an awards gala.  With the gala taking place in a quieter town, expenses to travel and house a professional with their materials started to overtake the budget. Instead, we tapped into “The Google” and found a website that connected us to artists all over the U.S. We were able to find a local student who was willing and eager to help; saving the client money and helping the artist build his portfolio!

Create a High-Touch Experience at Your Event

Ready to create a great event experience that won't break your wallet? Reach out to us today! 

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