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Being a Source of Stability for Your Members


During shifts in markets, times of uncertainty, and potential economic downturns, you have the opportunity and the convening power to become an even greater resource for your members than ever before. Uniting an industry with your voice keeps people connected for one purpose: stay thriving.

While it may seem easy to falter or lose a sense of direction wondering about the future, your opportunity to solidify relationships and become, in the minds of your members, a source of vision and strength is now.

Consider these opportunities to signal your organization is expanding and to demonstrate the value your association brings to the table here and now.


Package your existing resources and timely supplemental content in a series of interactive documents showcasing embedded videos, clickable links, infographics, and ways to engage virtually now. This is a great way to keep your members up-to-date with quickly evolving information as well as give them a place to check back often for referencing materials, facts, and information.


Connect like-for-like teams virtually from one member company to another to encourage networking and solution sharing. As the association representative, moderate a creative brainstorm exercise on a specific problem needing a solution or provide guidance for how next steps might be accomplished to benefit all members. 


Give your segmented audiences the chance to connect with industry executives in livestreamed talks and interactive Q&A sessions. Group speakers by topic or level of the industry, where members can hear their real time perspectives and get insight into how to tackle challenges. A keynote address can be produced as a video and played, with the real-time Q&A following, or the address given live. 


The one person who most certainly knows the most about the current status of your organization is the Chief Executive. Setting up a company-wide session with him/her is a great way to assure your members, employee, and other key stakeholders that you are still responsibility functioning. This informal setting provides a no-pressure virtual environment to ask questions and get answers. Everyone can use a reassurance these days that they are safe, cared for, and most of all, appreciated.


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