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The 5 Cs of an Outstanding Live Show

The 5 Cs

Regardless of whether your upcoming event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, there are a few steps you can take to put on stand-out meetings in any format. Our LAI Live event professionals call these steps "The 5 Cs" and we share more about how to successfully implement them below. 


Focus on the strongest session programming and cut the “filler” sessions so attendees feel they’ve had a first-class experience.  Remember that some in-person sessions don’t translate to virtual programming so curation and selection are key.


Try something new in the plenary sessions, receptions, registration area or other key components of your events.  Small changes can make a big impact and give your attendees a sense of newness and surprise for the event.


If you build it, they WILL come!  Communicate with the attendees on key moments of the event you want them be excited to experience.  For in-person events, let them know about safety precautions and other changes that can help them better prepare for being on-site. 


Include programming for all key attendee categories and scale appropriately so rooms are full.  Provide choices for collaborative sessions, lecture series, and other one-off activities so there’s sure to be something for each person’s learning style. 


Provide a space for attendees to connect.  Whether ice breaker sessions for virtual attendees, sound booths for in-person and virtual attendees to meet one another, or group outings for in-person attendees to convene in a safe space, they will thank you for it.

LAI Live Can Help You Plan Your Next Event

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