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2020 Event Trends #5: Be a Disruptor

2020 Event Trend #5: Be a Disruptor

Does your competitor’s conference fall right before yours? Do they book the big-name speakers you want or focus on the same content you’re planning to run? It’s time to turn the tables. Become a disruptor by out-ideating and out-trending the competition.

Define the Trends

This will take some investigation and research on your end, but it’s up to you and your organization to determine what the trends will be for the industry this year. Trends may reflect growth, changes and fluctuations, social issues, or shifts in the supply chain. Sure, there may be one or two that every industry conference will pick up and utilize, but defining the trends or content topics that are going to be most important to your newly identified target attendee  (see 2020 Event Trend #4!) allows you to be the disruptor, rather than the disrupted. So disrupt the competition!

Set the Tone

Since you may find your target attendee varies from your biggest competitor, this is your opportunity to build a different program. Not sure where to begin? Start with the keynote speakers. Your competitor may have a big name, but that big-name may not be the right person for delivering the content your attendee is going to care about. Select your keynote and session speakers with your attendee, trends, and desired content in mind.

And sure, their conference may come first, but you can market your content earlier in the process by teasing out some sneak-peaks that are unique to your event. Throw them off their game, disrupt competitors. Whether using quick, "don’t-miss" teasers on social, or visually-stimulating emails with fun facts, it’s in your hands to determine the best, fresh way to reach your target attendee first and stand out from the competition. 


Time to show the attendees what you’re made of! If you’ve worked your way through our 2020 Trends, your event should be noticeably different from your competitors, or even your own from the previous year. It should include new engaging elements, more relevant content, and a familiar, yet surprising atmosphere from the moment they enter the venue through to the end of your closing session. 

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Now that you have a stand-out event, let LAI Live give you a hand by producing and managing the production logistics so you can focus on what’s most important – the content and attendees!

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